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The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger – Kanye West – Blame Game Feat. John Legend

Hidden banger. As much as the Chris Rock part is funny, it’s also cold as fuck. Savage in a sort of “I put you on game” kinda way.

Drake x Jay-Z at OVO Fest – Toronto – Molson Ampitheatre

Blackout. Via Rap Radar

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The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger: J. Cole – Who Dat

The Warm Up was OK. Cole’s verse on “A Star is Born” inched him closer. This video is dope.

Welcome to the game.

The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger: Jay-Z – In My Lifetime (Remix)

Music supervisors for Entourage definitely know what’s up…

The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger: Camron – Hey Ma Feat. Juelz Santana

You know, we actually slept on Dipset during their reign (wtf were we thinking?) beyond any of their singles, but when you go back and look at things, NOBODY, and we mean NOBODY was fucking with Roc-a-fella/Dipset.

Combat Jack actually mentioned the other day that there’s no point in trying to explain Cam to people who aren’t into him (ll), and we’d have to agree (we’re still only halfway there to appreciating his steez). In other news, imagine if this happened: Dipset Reunion?

The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger: Kanye West – Last Call (Full Version)

First off, fuck you Myspace first and foremost for buying out Imeem and then tearing down its site and destroying all of it’s embedding/streaming functions…and thank you Grooveshark for existing (this song is > 10 minutes, so no go on Youtube).

This is the last call for 2009 folks. This is Kanye West. Arguably the most relevant rap artist of the decade and we can almost guarantee that rap would not be in the place that it is right now if he had not popped up on the scene (do you remember where you were when you first heard something like a Jesus Walks on the radio? E’s NOTE: I was driving through North Van with JK on my way to Mad Child’s house…probably to do some intern-style grunt work (ll)).

This man deserves to be arrogant. Check his catalogue and don’t forget that he produced most of your favourite rap songs from other peoples records. Then listen to this song and his story. We’re about to be transitioning to a new year, let’s try and make our own versions of “last call” in 2010. Keep pushing forward and have a happy and safe NYE.

The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger: Jay-Z – A Star is Born Feat. J Cole

One of our favourite tracks off of this record. When an average joe lists off a bunch of their favourite rappers and their achievements you kind’ve just brush off the lyrics and keep moving, but this song seems pretty heartfelt. Given the date, maybe we should’ve posted this tomorrow? Oh well – we don’t think that far ahead. Hopefully some of you get Space Jams!!