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The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger – Lloyd Banks – Start It Up Feat. Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Fabolous

The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger: Maino – My Bandana Feat. Lloyd Banks

What’s up with Jermaine? It seems like a lot of people missed out on this mixtape (it only had a few good tracks on it anyway). Also – how is this NOT Akon singing the hook?

The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger: G-unit – Wanna Get to Know Ya

You know, Young Buck actually has a bit of steez (the first thing we think of is his verse on “If I Die II Night” from Bun B’s record, but that’s probably not even the best example). Interesting line from the new 50 record that goes something like this: “when we started, there were 5 of us/all of us millionaires/now one of thems a junkie, and one of thems a queer”. Dot dot dot.

For those of you who are worried right now, don’t be, there’s really only one more G-unit song that we have in the vaults and we’ll make sure to post that one in the far off future. Backpackers rejoice.