The Truth Music Daily Rap Banger: Nicki Minaj – Sweet Dreams Feat. Lil Wayne

See what we did there with the title? This is technically a Lil Wayne song, but Nicki kills it so hard that it’s pretty much her song. Weezy’s section is almost skippable on this track.

We haven’t really checked a lot of her music (we still haven’t listened to Beam Me Up Scotty…), but both of her verses on No Ceilings are solid. Somebody told us that they think she’s dope because she actually rhymes like she’s a girl (ie. quirky voice changes etc)…if that makes sense. In retrospect, we probably should’ve uploaded the picture of her ass instead of the picture of the album cover…there’s always a next time.

PS. The album of the year last year was actually a mixtape (read: No Ceilings)

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